Everyone who works in a club has always been asked this question

by Steven Sechler
Everyone who works in a club has always been asked this question, “Do you get along with the other girls?” Short answer, yes and no. Dancing is a sisterhood in its own right. If someone needs something or something happens, you’re gonna help them. You’ve been on both sides of it at some point in time. But not every girl is going to like you. Some girls will just straight up not like you because you have an annoying voice or they’re jealous of you, or you did something to them and then, of course, they don’t like you. But you also make friends along the way. Ones that you can confide in and will support you. You can’t win everyone’s affection and favor. So stop trying and just tell yourself that they’re just jealous of you and be petty. Buy the cutest outfit and do those tricks right in front of them. Take the money that they could’ve earned if they weren’t so entitled by doing more than them. Look your bomb ass best. Show up looking like a snack. Teach them that if they’re gonna hate you, they may as well envy you too.