New blog as of 11/22/22

by Steven Sechler
So when I first started working in a club, I bought these faux leather boots. A dumb move, obviously. They were comfy up until this disaster of five minutes. I had to use the bathroom before going on stage, so I walking towards the restroom. Obviously, where else am I gonna take a piss? As I’m walking, my ankle twists on the shitty barrier between the tile floor and the carpet. Boom. Shoe, dead, died, deceased. There was no bringing it back to life. The heel had separated from the fabric part of the boot. Just hanging there like a dick in the cold. Then, the DJ decides that is the PERFECT moment to call me on stage. I still have to pee, and now I have one less shoe to stand on. Of course, I start freaking out. Luckily, one of the other girls had an extra pair that I could put on. I put em on and got my ass on stage. But lesson learned, don’t ever buy those shoes cause you’ll end up one shoe short and having to pee while trying to shake your ass and pretend like you don’t have to piss anymore.