The lates going on at Dancer Depot

by Steven Sechler
This just in! Red outfits. Apparently the
new trend girls are loving in the clubs. And
with Christmas rounding the corner soon,
why not add bows and complete the
"present" look? Luckily, Dancer Depot has
all the reds and Christmas outfits you
could ask for. Till then, enjoy the wide
range of shoes that provide support and
look FABULOUSSS! It's a no on the faux
leather boots though. They break easily
and get complaints often. I have never
seen a girl go,
"Wow these are great!".
Instead, go for the pastel boots that go
great with black and white outfits that are
often worn. Add a little color into that
outfit girl! And make sure to accessorize!
With all the bead waistbands and garters
to offer, a little spice to your outfit might
just make that one rich customer look your
way. Get that hustle!